Kallista cellars


The Skylark Room is proudly partnering with Kallista Cellars, which, like The Skylark Room, is a relatively new face on the local scene.  However, just like the ‘Lark, they are making big waves for local wine enthusiasts and of course, us. 

Opened in Febuary 2016, Josephine Horn and Liz Hourigan opened the doors to the refurbished Kallista Cellars, something that was always on their list of things to do.  

The core philosophy of Kallista Cellars is to stock wines that over deliver.  There are so many great wines out there, but also so many mediocre ones. Everyone of course has different tastes, however as long as the wine over delivers for its value and is not too hard to find, they will stock it.

Heralding service and quality, Josephine individually tastes and selects every bottle available on her shelves. Her passion about wine, and wine education is evident in everything she does both within, and outside the walls of the Kallista main street store.  With history of running wine education stalls, and having an extensive background in wine retail, Josephine aims to provide each and every customer with a special experience that educates them about the wines, what they pair well with, and for return customers, what else they might like since their last purchase.   This focus on service is defining the success of Kallista Cellars as a valued community focused business.

Josephine is a winemaker herself, having spent time in Italy, France and Spain before doing so in Australia, amongst the Hunter Valley, as well as being the winemaker at Michelini winery.  This year she intends to make wines again after a brief hiatus, something we are eagerly looking forward to.   

In the same way Kallista Cellars has curated their own retail space (one of the main benefits of being an independent cellars), they have also curated The Skylark Room’s wine list, designing it with the specific intention of matching quality with value, as well as offering a diverse selection to accommodate all tastes.

The Skylark Room is absolutely thrilled to be in partnership with such a passionate, exciting local business.  Together we look forward to enriching Skylark patrons’ experiences with the absolute best wines we can provide.


You can find Kallista Cellars at 85 Monbulk Rd, Kallista VIC 3791.